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Guljar Hossain is an old Rickshaw puller of Dhaka city. His age is almost 75. His age may not be capable any more to earn his livelihood by himself but it’s his irony of fate that he has to do such hard work like pulling rickshaw. Guljar lives with his wife in a small shabby hut in Mirpur 13. He has to pull his rickshaw every day to earn his livelihood. He has become too old to pull a rickshaw properly. But he has to do such hard work just for his livelihood. Guljar Hossain was born in Pramanikvari village of Kathalbari Union in Kurigram. His father was a day laborer. He had 5 brothers and 4 sisters. His father had to go through a lot of hard work to support his family. The earning of his father was insufficient for his family. He had to take hold of his family for being the eldest son of the family. He had no affection for education. His poverty forced him to earn some money for his family. He used to earn taka 1 or 2 during the 60’s, which is like tk 500/600 in present days. But he wasn’t a livelihood…